There are a great many RV builder sites to be found on the web. Most of these provide step by step examples of how builders approached their kits and the decisions they made when building.

This site takes a somewhat different tack. In general this site will:

  • Describe interesting tools that In have found to be useful whilst building
  • Describe building techniques that you might find useful

This site will also document, in great detail, how I have installed the SDSEFI.COM electronic fuel injection / electronic ignition system in my RV10. This is one area that is not well covered in other build sites.

As of 2022, I have started on my 4th RV-10 build. My first -10 is now living in the US and the second I am flying. (If you see a white RV-10 on the ramp with the registration C-GROK stop by and say hi). While my first -10 used traditional magnetos, my second and third -10s use the SDS system as does my current project.

I unreservedly recommend the SDSEFI.COM system to builders provided you are comfortable with using a different technology to control your engine and are prepared to take the time to understand its operation and installation requirements. None of this is difficult or hard to do.