The Vans Aircraft when built exactly in accordance with the Vans plans is a very capable day VFR aircraft. That being said, most builders recognize that with with the addition of advanced avionics and equipment the -10 becomes a very capable IFR platform.

These pages document the additions and changes I have make to C-GROK. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the cottage industry suppliers who have designed and sell some wonderful enhancements for the -10.

Garmin avionics including:

  • Dual G3X Screen
  • GMC 307 3 axis autopilot
  • G5X backup EFIS with 3 hour backup battery
  • GAP26 heated and regulated pitot tube
  • GEA24 Engine Monitor Module
  • GAD 27 Electronic adapter module
  • GAD 29 Arinc module
  • GI-206 dash mounter AOA indicator
  • GTX-45R remote mounted ADSB In/Out transponder
  • GDL51 XM receiver (music + weather)
  • GTN-750 WAAS navigator
  • GNC-255A navcomm
  • GMA-245R remote bluetooth audio panel
  • GMU 22 magnetometer
  • Honeywell milspec lever lock switches for all engine circuits
  • SDS EM6 ECU with panel mounted engine data logger

Other Avionics

  • Guardian remote CO detector
  • Mountain High built in 4ip oxygen system with:
    • 4 place pulse demand system
    • 48 cuft carbon fiber wrapped O2 bottle
    • remote fill station
  • Pilot side LEMO headset plug
  • 3 USB outlets


  • Aerosport Power IO-540 custom built from all an all new parts Lycoming engine kit. Engine was ported, polished and all parts mass balanced for smooth operation. Of course, engine was painted in go fast red. Est HP 300 with CAI + SDS system.
  • Anodized (Red/Gold) baffles
  • Barret Precision Engines cold air induction system which results in a 25+ hp gain.
  • Vetterman Exhaust Inc. custom exhaust required to accommodate the BPE cold air induction system
  • Showplanes Inc custom cowl designed to accommodate the modified engine
  • SDS custom lightweight flywheel
  • SDS electronic fuel Injection / electronic ignition
  • SDS billet aluminum throttle body
  • SDS systems is estimate to increase HP by 12-15HP
  • B&C 40-60 amp backup alternator
  • SDS billet aluminum valve covers using leak proof O-rings
  • SDS induction tube flanges using leak proof O-Rings
  • Stainless steel heater valve
  • TCW Technologies servos for heater valve and oil cooler butterfly
  • TCW Technologies oil cooler butterfly
  • Airflow Performance Systems 2007X oil cooler


  • Planearound Inc billet steel door pins
  • Planearound Inc door interlock
  • Planearound Inc gas spring brackets
  • LST Technologies Inc heavy duty door gas springs
  • Planearound Inc door interlock
  • AMSAFE Inc TSO’d inertial reel seat belts
  • Aerosport Products Inc. exterior door handles
  • Aerosport Products Inc. interior including
    • leather seats
    • side panels
    • carpeting
    • instrument panel
    • center console
    • overhead console
    • servo controller overhead air valve
  • Stienair Inc billet aluminum eyeball air vents
  • Pilot / Copilot red/white overhead eyeball lights
  • Passenger white overhead eyeball lights
  • Rosen Inc sun visors
  • Perihelon Design Inc lightweight copper clad aluminum wire (main power from tail)
  • Odyssey PC680 AGM maintenance free battery
  • Trickle charger port in baggage area
  • Baggage area tie downs


  • Jetglo paint
  • Aveo Engineering Inc Premier Wingtips incorporating Nav / Strobe / Landing / Taxi lights
  • Matco NW501.25 nosewheel
  • Matco main wheels & brakes
  • Leakguard inner tubes tubes
  • Chromed wing steps
  • Wing root CPC connectors for all wing wiring
  • IFlyRV10 elevator trim tab brackets

Fuel System

  • Andair duplex fuel valve
  • SDS fuel filters (3) with 40 micron filters