Pitot / Static Errors

The Nation Test Pilot School has information related to measuring static port position error. Depending on where the static port is located, there may be an error when the TAS is calculated due to the static port being in a high or low pressure area on the fuse. This page contains links to documents that allow builders to see if their reported TAS is high or low – essential data when assessing coffee shop bragging rights.

Flight Test Protocol

Jerry Milek, who I met at Oshkosh some 20 years ago, has written a flight test guide that structures test flying new builds. Jerry came to building aircraft via the Czech airforce where he was a pilot. He came to Canada when he left, somewhat hurriedly, during the 1968 Prague Spring. His book can be found here on his website.

Perihelion Designs

Eric Jones of Perihelion Designs makes some pretty spiff electrical stuff along with great looking switch guards. Here is his 2023 main catalogue and his 2023 switch guard catalogue. I use his CCA, over voltage protection module and Snapjacks.