These pages will document the installation of the SDSEFI.COM system in my project – an Van’s RV-10 aircraft. These pages will expand as my project progresses. It will cover all aspects of the installation including airframe and power plant requirements.

The fact I have developed these web pages is a pretty clear indication of what I think of the SDS system. I have installed it in 3 RV-10s and am putting it my current RV-10 project. You may ask why I am doing this – a fair question. Ross Farnham of SDS was very helpful when vendor support for my Subaru engine installation (RV-10 #1) disappeared. His free support support was instrumental in keeping me safe when I first started flying that project. He had no obligation to me or my project but was there to help anyway.

These webpages and the RV10 videos taken using my RV10 C-GROK are my way of paying Ross back. Like Ross’s support, I have done this for free simply because I like his products and enjoy supporting other builders.

Safety Statistics

In 2021 I assisted a UK builder gain approval for an SDS installation in their RV10 project. The link below contains current statistics on the SDS system taken from SDS records. When deciding on whether to use an Electronic Ignition / Electronic Fuel Injection and which suppliers system to install, reliability statistics can be quite useful. SDS Reliability Data

Installation / Operation

It is imperative that you follow SDS installation instructions in all respects. These pages document how I approached the installation and may not be applicable to your project. Consequently, you use the information presented at your own risk. When in doubt consult with SDS for guidance.