In this install I chose to use a vernier control cable from Aircraft Spruce. I used small stainless steel spherical grommets to penetrate the firewall. These capture the control cable securely and do not allow the cable to move in/out through the firewall.

A standard 10-32 rod end was used to attach the control cable to the throttle body arm.

The following pictures show how I connected the control cable end to the throttle body arm. In this install I was using the Barret Precision Engines Cold Air Induction System which requires the the use of an air box that sits below the oil pan. I made a small bracket that that mounted on the air box, a bracket that holds the control cable.

In the last pix you will note that series of washers was used to temporarily space the control cable rod end out from the throttle body arm. This ensured the cable was clear of all obstructions. Once the correct spacer length was determined, the washers were replace with a piece of 3/8″ al tubing. You will also note that the attach bolt was installed in the first of the two holes in the throttle body arm. This gave the correct “throw” length on the control cable.