EAA Chapter 100 has plans for work benches that I have been using for 15 years.

I made two EAA1000 workbenches for use with my builds. The only change I made to the EAA plans is to use 3/4″ MDF that was only screwed (not glued) to the table. When the MDF top gets too gross, I flip it over. When that side wears out , I get HomeDepot to cut up a 4×8 MDF sheet to replace the tops. The MDF is very flat which is useful when building.

These benches are cheap and easy to make. The 2’x5′ table top dimension is perfect for most work. Make a couple and you can gang them together when ncessary.

I drill into the table top without hesitation and, as mentioned above, simply flip or replace the top when necessary.